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And it comes to an end…

Dear Readers, First up, thank you for your kind support and patronage. When I started Elementum Scribe, it was with the idea of having a newsletter to simplify and wherever possible inject some relatable humor to Indian business news events. It started out as a Monday-to-Friday occurrence, fizzling out to a weekly affair. However, off […]

WFH Stress & More

Worried about climate change? Watch this wonderful first Instagram move by legendary 94-year-old Brit David Attenborough. We were moved with his gentle mannerisms and old-world charm as he proved there is really no age to keep learning. As for today, while waiting to see what MPC has in store for us let’s get to what’s […]

Tata Mistry Split & More

Will he, won’t he? Will he win the elections or will he not? And if he does not, will he even accept the results at all or will he remain committed to making a mockery of democracy. Ah well, no easy answers with our chap Donald. As he keeps us guessing, let’s move on to […]

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