And it comes to an end…

Dear Readers,

First up, thank you for your kind support and patronage. When I started Elementum Scribe, it was with the idea of having a newsletter to simplify and wherever possible inject some relatable humor to Indian business news events. It started out as a Monday-to-Friday occurrence, fizzling out to a weekly affair.

However, off late, it has been a terrible struggle churning it out. Finding enough news to be excited about, research the hell out of it and then write it in an engaging enough manner with enough supporting links is beginning to take a toll on me. If my mood was to be graphed, one would see a visible dip on Thursday evenings when I scramble to get these in order. And there’s no point of doing this if I am unable to do it right.

For now, in the plethora of things that I am trying to fit in to my plate, Elementum Scribe seems to be the one that I will have to let go off. Despite the fact that the Alexa ranking is right up there and a wonderful audience that seems to have sprouted around it, it’s a ball that I need to drop.

If any of you were depending on it and had started looking forward to it, I really do apologise. Starting things is not easy, but pulling the plug on them is far tougher. Someday, with enough resources on hand I hope to be able to do this again.

Do feel free to reply to this email with anything you may want to express. By the end of the month, I will erase traces of Elementum Scribe from the web, including the domain and email. My other blog Elementum Money continues to remain active and I will be happily accessible on as well, always up for a hola or a conversation.

Till our paths cross again, adios!

Aparna Aggarwal

Solo Team Elementum Scribe

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